Marital Bliss

5 June 2008

No blog posts for a while as my internet service providers, who shall remain nameless (but how about we refer to them as iPrimus just for clarity’s sake?) messed up our connection and swore blind it had nothing to do with them.  Must be the modem, which was only 4 months old, so we got a new one, under guarantee.  Still didn’t work.  So back to iPrimus.  They had no idea why we couldn’t get a connection but would give us ‘top priority’, refer the matter up the chain of experts and get back to us.  Lo and behold, 3 hours later, we had access! 

After 4 days of testing modems, hanging onto phone lines for hours at a time, scrambling around on the floor swapping cables, testing all equipment at a neighbour’s house and driving 20 minutes each way to swap over the modem.   I think they probably just flicked a switch somewhere.

This sort of modern catastrophe does nothing for marital relationships.  David has better things to do and was just getting incredibly frustrated and angry.  He’s not really a moody man but was starting to get really tetchy. 

However, I read a nice story today about marital bliss, written by a couple in England who are just celebrating their 80th Wedding Anniversary.  David and I have only been married 6 years but I don’t fancy our chances of survival if this couple’s advice is to be relied on.  According to them, the secrets to a happy marriage are “a little kiss before bed, trips to bingo and good plain English food”! 

What hope have we got?


  1. More of martial bliss, perhaps?

    At least there’s more spice in you two!

  2. We don’t stand a chance over here – I don’t do Bingo!!!

    And here, I’m the one who goes Ferocious if the internet connection goes out; don’t think the husband would notice for a week or two. Too busy staring at the television.

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