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11 June 2008

A bit of an update.

Firstly, you may remember the Aboriginal teenagers from Yuendumu, who were evicted from their hotel in Alice Springs where they’d gone to do their life-saving certificates.  Apparently there was a tremendous amount of public goodwill to them, which resulted in their being brought to Sydney last week to complete their training, receive their medals and just have a bit of a fun time.  An action is being taken against the hotel under the Northern Territory’s racial discrimination laws, but I don’t know how far that’s got.   

And no update could be complete without my usual foray into the shenanigans of World Youth Day.  The clock is ticking (well, the RTA still has its countdown on road signs all over the city).  And ads. have started to appear.  But where on earth (or in heaven?) did they get their copywriters?  “Have The Time Of Your Eternal Life” is plastered all over the sides of our buses, and City Rail’s travel notices refer to it as this “Moving Experience”.   I find it all a bit stomach-churning.

But there is GOOD NEWS.  Percy Walton was to be executed by the State of Virginia on 10th June, after 11 years on death row. About 4 hours before his execution, the Governor commuted his sentence to life imprisonment on the grounds of his mental incapacity.  He has an IQ of 66, suffers from schizophrenia and had no understanding of what was about to happen to him.  Why it took so long to come to this decision only the Governor of Virginia knows, I would imagine, but THANK YOU Governor Kaine.  Better late than never. 

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