David Went to England . . . .

15 June 2008

And look what I got!

I gave him a list of 4 items I’d like from Get Knitted but as I didn’t know exactly what they’d have in stock AND didn’t want him to spend all his holiday money on me, I said he’d really only have to get one of them.  But just to make sure he didn’t lose the list or forget to go, I also sent it to our friend in Bristol where he was staying for the first few days.  Sue’s a knitter and I think didn’t need much of an excuse to visit Get Knitted so before he got there, she went off to get my purchases. 

BUT . . .  she bought ALL the yarn on the list.  AND she gave it to me as a present! 

Some items had very limited stock (I’d already picked that up from their website) so her colour choices weren’t large , but she did great!

First off was Handmaiden Seasilk which I’ve always wanted to try.  I’ve seen some really beautiful items made in it.  There’s 400m of it so I’m planning to make a stunning summer stole.

Handmaiden SeaSilk.JPG

Secondly, Fyberspates Merino Tencel Sock Yarn – 200gms/600m.  As you know I don’t knit socks but love all these wonderful hand-dyed variegated sock yarns as you can make really gorgeous items with them.  I’ve got a few ideas for that.


Then a skein of Manos del Uraguay Silk Blend – 30% Silk and 70% Merino Wool.  270m.  No plans for that yet.

Manos Del Uraguay.JPG

And finally 3 balls of Opal Hundertwassers Sock yarn – 300gm/1275m.  I’ve had an idea in my head for that for months and am about a third of the way through it (hence the picture shows only two balls).

Opal Hundertwassers.JPG


Then 2 days later Emily gave me two skeins of D T Crafts 100% cashmere at my Aussie citizenship dinner.  Not sure whether to knit it, or just take it to bed.

D J Craft Cashmere.JPG

Now I just need to wind the skeins into balls (using the swift that David gave me for my birthday last year) and I’m off and knitting.

But of course that didn’t get David off the hook in the present-giving department, so he brought me a very large bottle of Miss Dior Diorrissimo, my favourite perfume.  It was good to have him back!


  1. Ooooh! I got some of the Hunterwasser at iKnit in London. And I was sorely tempted by the Manos del Uruguay silk/merino in a khaki kind of colour. But Sandra convinced me that I could buy it online rather than carry it all the way. You have such great taste!

  2. The Handmaiden colors said “Beach” to me, before I read your thoughts of a summer stole. I dare not buy more yarn; I’m better off going to the beach!

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