For The Love of Ravelry . . . Part 3

22 June 2008

Ravelry is great!  There’s no two ways about that.  This week for instance I was able to find what other people had made with 100 grams of Manos del Uruguay Silk, check out loads of patterns, and download a free one (and yesterday I started knitting it).   When I think of how we had to search for patterns in the past, then decide whether they’d suit the yarn we’d got THEN have the problem that a lot of shops wouldn’t allow you to buy the pattern without the yarn (do you remember that?).  Ravelry in particular and the internet in general has made it all so easy.

HOWEVER, there’s always a downside!  And in the case of Ravelry I think it’s the forums. 

When I first started using the internet for knitting-related searches, I read the forums eagerly, picked up loads of tips  and read interesting articles.   When I first joined Ravelry I did the same.  But if I read one more thread like these, I think I’ll scream:

 1,   I’m flying from Sydney to London.  Will I be able to knit?   (Answer – How many times do you have to be told NO?)

2.   I’m thinking of buying interchangeable needles.  Which should I get?  (Answer – Depends.  On personal preference, wallet, type of knitting you do etc etc).

3.   If I buy a pattern, am I allowed to sell the items I knit from it?  (Answer – No.  But let’s not get into an argument about copyright which believe it or not varies from country to country and we don’t all live in America).

Would it not occur to people to see if their question has already been answered before they re-pose it?

Then we have the downright bizarre:

1.   I want to knit this sweater for my sister in such and such yarn.  What colour should I choose?  (Answer – Haven’t got the faintest.  Don’t know you; have never met your sister)

2.   My wrists are hurting from too much knitting.  How should I treat it?  (Answer – The way you treat any medical problem.  Consult someone who knows what they’re talking about.  Not a bunch of unqualified strangers).

3.   I’m thinking of travelling to Sydney/London/Paris/wherever.  How far is it from the airport to the city?  What sights do you recommend?  (Answer – You’re confusing Ravelry with a tourist guide.  Consult a more appropriate website). 

4.   (And this is my all-time favourite, though admittedly not on Ravelry but on another knitting forum).  I’ve got some 100% wool.  What should I knit with it?  (Answer – One woman replied to this with “I’ve just bought a new piano.  What do you suggest I play?”)

Look, I know that idiots are everywhere and why should Ravelry be immune.  But sometimes ploughing through this dross to see if there’s anything interesting is really more than I can bear at the end of a hard day’s work.  So I think I’ll just stick to the Australian Knitters Group in future, where I know a lot of the people, many of them I count as friends,  and there’s little garbage. 

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  1. ‘ear ‘ear about the Rav forums. I gave up on them months ago. But more importantly, MdU silk! I got my hands on some in London. It had to be wrenched away from me – I wanted enough to make a vest and Sandra quite rightly pointed out that a. I couldn’t fit it into my bag and b. I could order it online. Stunningly lovely stuff.

  2. I’ve read some of the spinning forums. “What’s the best wheel/fiber/spindle/color?” And then other folks explain 10 zillion times – “Go see them and decide for yourself.” It is so time-wasting, wading through it all. I do still read a few that are “local” here, to keep up with the doings at several LYS, maybe learn of new shops, etc. But most of the forums seem to be as much a social club as they are for the topic.

    Still, I do find the info on yarn, patterns, and such most helpful, and I’ll keep using that.

  3. I’d rather like to reply to this blog. What do you suggest I should say?

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