WYD Re-re-re-visited

1 July 2008

OK, I know.  What will I find to write about when this shindig is over?  But I just can’t let today’s events pass without comment.

The State Government has passed legislation to be able to arrest and fine people with behaviour that “causes annoyance or inconvenience” (actual words from the Act)  to pilgrims to WYD.   This apparently can include wearing a T-shirt with a message on it, playing inappropriate music and handing out condoms.  The fine is $5500! 

What about our basic right to free speech?  What about THEIR offensive behaviour?  I find their very presence here offensive

This is an organisation that promotes discrimination, that has kept vast areas of the world in poverty and ill-health because of its ridiculous stance on birth control, that has wealth beyond our comprehension.  And WE’RE paying for them to take over our city.

Also the NSW Government’s assurance that their (our) investment of about $86 million dollars will heap bounties on the economy of the State, has now been shot to pieces with the announcement that a contract worth $3 million to provide food to pilgrims has been placed with a company in MELBOURNE!

On Saturday 19th July, the NoToPope coalition (a group of 15 organisations, including the NSW Humanists and the Secular Party) is holding a rally.  I was thinking of attending.

Now I’m definitely attending.  And I’ll wear a badge that may offend some people.  And a T-shirt if I can find or make one.

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  1. I’ve got a t-shirt that says “Jesus is my homeboy”. Do you think that is annoying enough?

  2. Oh for f**k’s sake!

    Remo is running a competition for WYD t-shirts over here, not sure when they’ll start printing the winning design. I think you can design your own t-shirts on their site, too?

  3. More excellent T-shirt suggestions in the comments on this blog at smh: http://blogs.smh.com.au/urbanjungle/2008/07/world_youth_day.html

  4. I’m interested in how “causing annoyance or inconvenience” is going to be defined. Personally, I find stupidity annoying, also folks who belch loudly in public, cell phone conversations in restaurants. Inconvenience COULD BE simply being ahead of someone else in the “loo-line.” (Arrest and fine that citizen ahead of me because I am here for WYD and have to go really, really badly!!??)

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