3 July 2008

I love hearing from people who read my blog.   And I really do appreciate the time that some people take to leave comments (even if it’s only a “Hear, hear” or “What a load of old rubbish”).

But if I had to give a prize for the best comments, I think it would have to go to my sister.  She’s sometimes quite rude and if people didn’t know we were related, they’d really wonder why she speaks to me like that.

(I wonder why she speaks to me like that – I’ve always tried to be a good sister).

But she’s excelled herself a couple of times.

When I wrote about the rather bizarre way some occasions are described here – World Youth Day lasting 6 days, Yuendumu Sports Day lasting a weekend, Woman’s Weekly magazine coming out monthly etc – and asked why a fixed period of time had become variable,  she wrote:

“I’ve been wondering about that for years – or possibly months.  Some considerable time, anyway”

And then I wrote about the rather odd questions people ask on the knitting forums, like “I want to knit a jumper for my sister.  What colour should I choose?”

Judith’s comment to that one was:

“I’d rather like to reply to this blog.  What do you suggest I should say?”

She’s always been a bit of a clever dick.  I was 13, Judith 16, when I got a new pair of glasses..  I was very proud of these and asked her if they made me look pretty.  She replied without hesitation “They’re spectacles, not miracles”.

So if those of you who know me have ever wondered how I became so sarcastic, perhaps you’ll forgive me.  It’s in my genes.



  1. Well, that’s shut me up! X

  2. Plese, don’t shut up!!

    I have a sister-in-law who is Judith (goes by Judy) and one day, years ago, she called and said, “I need you to do a favor for me and if you don’t do it, I’ll buy your kid a trumpet for Christmas!!!” I don’t remember the favor asked, but I’m sure I helped out!

  3. This post really made me laugh. Because my younger sister is exactly the same. Quick, sharp and very cutting wit. I don’t know where she gets it from but it definitely rubs onto me. At times I wonder about it as I generally feel that I’m a nice person and then this rather sarcastic comment would come out of my mouth!

  4. I was very amused by the comment: “I’d rather like to reply to this blog. What do you suggest I should say?”

    Very apt and very witty! Well done Judith.

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