Judging by Appearance?

5 July 2008

A few days ago, Ingrid Betancourt, a former Columbian Presidential candidate, who for 6 years had been held hostage by Colombia’s Farc rebels, was released after a daring plot carried out by a group of soldiers. They conned her captors into handing her and 14 other hostages over to them and they were whisked away in a helicopter.  Only then were the hostages told that they’d been rescued.

Very “Boy’s Own” and very impressive.

As further details and video footage have come to light, they’ve been reported in detail by the press both here and internationally.  But the ABC’s coverage of the event tonight has me totally baffled.

According to their report, one of the rescuers was described as “dressed like an Australian”.

!  !  !  !

What on earth was he wearing to warrant such a description?  Was he flying in the Colombian jungle in Speedos, perhaps?  Or protecting his head with an Akubra hats, dangling the requisite number of corks, of course?  What does a man have to wear to be described as dressing “like an Australian”? 

All suggestions welcome.



  1. Hmmmm…..? No idea!

  2. Shorts with long socks and sandals?
    Or am I cofusing that with another similarly-sized nation [in area] made of a number of states?

  3. ugg boots, stubbies and a wifebeater singlet, obviously..

    oh… and probably had a six pack of VB in one hand…

  4. According to stories I read, each of the men sent in were given acting lessons and had practiced various accents. Including Australian “just like Crocodile Dundee” (a comparison which I’m sure is still cringe-inducing).

  5. As Jennifer has stated in the comments, I have also heard on various news reports.

    On a lighter note, to answer your question, THONGS spring immediately to mind!

  6. The news media does not listen to its own drivel; therefore no “proof-reading” is done to determine if it makes any sense at all.

  7. If you live in the UK, “dressing like an Australian” means wearing a bartender’s uniform.

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