A Whinger, Moi?

7 July 2008

If you’re not happy with the service or the goods, complain.

I’ve always done that, politely of course, and generally got satisfaction.  And have you noticed that if you have cause to complain, you remember the company not by the object of the complaint, but by the way it was dealt with?  A restaurant that serves me a tough steak will get my business again IF they immediately replace it, without question, with an edible one.

But I don’t just complain (am I a whinging Pom?  No, I’m not).  I also try to give praise where it’s due.  And that’s been known to put people in a complete tizz.  I recently asked a woman in a cafe if she was the owner.  She immediately took about 3 steps backwards before admitting she was.  I then told her that although I only go there about twice a week for a coffee, her staff make me feel as though I’m their most valued customer and I really appreciate that.  She didn’t know what to say for a few seconds.  (And of course the service I get is EVEN better than it was before). 

My sister, who is blogless, has asked me to tell you about her recent complaint to a yarn company in England.

“Nearly everyone who knits knows of Thomas B Ramsden  –  Wendy, Peter Pan, Twilleys of Stamford etc.  I recently knitted a cotton sweater for my 13 year old grand-daughter (Sally’s great niece) and found that only one ball was knot-free, the others all having some – four in one case.  I wrote a letter to the company (politely) and by return received a very helpful letter from Julia Herridge in Customer Services and FOUR balls of cotton to replace those I was complaining about.

My thanks are on their way to her, but I thought that the wider knitting world should know what a great service this company provides“.

You see.  It works.  Judith no longer feels annoyed about the quality of the cotton, and for the cost of 4 balls and a letter, the company has kept a customer, who’s happy to recommend them, instead of losing a very disgruntled one.   

So our only complaint about Ramsdens now is that, despite the fact that our mother was a Ramsden, we don’t seem to have any family connection with the company.  Wouldn’t it be great to own a yarn manufacturer? 


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  1. Sometimes I complain but it depends on how annoyed I am. If I am particularly annoyed, I won’t complain because I figure I’m not going to give them free advice on customer service and they can continue to lose customers. That’s a rather vindictive view. So if I was mildly annoyed, I’d say something.

  2. I may be blogless, but I’m still a human being.

  3. No relation, huh? Wouldn’t it be nice to inherit tons and tons of yarn, after the passing of someone you wouldn’t even miss????

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