Little Teddy Got A New Outfit

17 July 2008

What does an experienced knitter, with a stash large enough to stock any self-respecting yarn shop, do with her time?  Some intricate lace perhaps?  Or a spot of fairisle.

No.  She knits a new outfit for Little Teddy of course.


 He’s not mine.  He’s the office mascot of one of the companies where I work and is about 15cms tall.  He’s got a new cardigan, trousers, scarf and beanie.  And a crocheted backpack out of sight. Last summer he went to Queensland with a cream and red T-shirt, red shorts and a sun visor.  Very fetching!   I think he needs a more formal outfit for special company occasions and then a new ensemble for the summer.


  1. My teddy (56 next week) sends fraternal greetings.

  2. Great idea!

  3. My teddy [hand knitted by my English grandmother] celebrated his 50th birthday this year, in the same thing he has been wearing since Nanna made him – nothing!

    The clothes on the teddy in your photo are very cute; can’t wait to see the next outfit!

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