The New Steve Irwin

20 July 2008

I think we all know that the Pope (and a hundred thousand or so of his followers) has been in Sydney this week.

On Thursday, he and his entourage sailed down the Harbour, on a lovely sunny day, past all the world-renowned Sydney icons.  I have to say that it was a beautiful sight. As the pictures were beamed around the world, David said, “For the tourism industry, that sort of publicity is priceless”. 

Nope.  Wrong there.  That publicity cost us $163 million (give or take a few million.  Will we ever know the final cost?) 

And then I had a sudden realisation.  The days of Paul Hogan (too old) and Steve Irwin (too dead) promoting the Australian tourism industry are over. 

I wouldn’t imagine the Pope normally does ads.  Not great at throwing prawns on the barbie or wrestling with crocodiles.  But he’s just accepted a $163 million appearance fee. 

I hope we get our money’s worth.


PS:  And it’s interesting to see that the only person arrested at the NoToPope demonstration in Sydney on Saturday was a pilgrim – for abusive and violent behaviour.   

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One comment

  1. $163 million? Wasn’t the estimated figure about $260million (and that’s just state funds)??

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