The WinterWarm Project

22 July 2008


I’ve been trying for ages to find a charity which supplies warm clothes to babies and children in REALLY cold countries – Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet etc. 

But I preferred one with an Australian address (easier on the postage costs) AND without religious affiliations, if at all possible.  I’m not fanatical about the latter – I’m certainly not going to deprive children of clothing because it’s distributed by nuns.  All I would ask is that the recipients don’t have to pay or pray for the garments.

And at last I found such an organisation.  The WinterWarm Project.    

It’s run from Melbourne and provides clothing to Afghanistan through the Save The Children Fund.  Babies die for lack of a warm hat.  The temperature drops to levels below our comprehension ( minus 15 degrees celsius during the day is quite common).  Dianne, who runs Winterwarm with her daughter Lani, worked in Afghanistan and has seen the effect that the weather has on the health of the residents.  In the first month of last winter, 1000 people died from hypothermia and 800 had limbs amputated.

So I’m asking my friends in Sydney to get knitting – WARM clothing:  hats, gloves, mittens, socks, bootees, jumpers, cardigans.  Knitted or crocheted in wool for newborn babies upwards.   

If you’re in Sydney and would like to help, I’ll be collecting items at the end of August from the various knitting groups round town.

Rubi & Lana group in Gordon (meets in Bar Fresko) on Saturday 23rd August

Tapestry Craft group on Thursday 28th August

SSK (meets in Barmuda Cafe, Newtown) on Saturday 30th August

Or contact me, and I’m sure I’ll be able to arrange to get your donations.  (Incidentally, the Winterwarm Project doesn’t accept money).

I think this is a really good cause.  We’ve all got leftovers of wool that could become a baby hat, or a striped jumper.  These are all things that are quick and easy to knit.  We’re not talking intricate designs and high fashion here. 

We’re not even really talking about keeping babies warm.  It’s more a matter of keeping them alive.   

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  1. Can we put the Gothic W on our blogs and link to the project page, do you think?

  2. Didn’t get a chance to respond to your email, but I wanted to let you know that I’ll be participating. I’ll be away for 2 weeks in August but I’ll try to take some knitting with me (in HOT HOT Vietnam) so I can have some stuff for you when I get back!! I love the “don’t have to Pay or Pray” statement!!

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