Thank you, Kevin

29 July 2008

It isn’t often one wants to thank the Government – criticism comes more freely from my lips than thanks in such matters. 

But the Rudd Government has done something to make us proud again and they are at least being seen to carry out their election promises.

First Kevin Rudd signed Kyoto within minutes of being sworn in as Prime Minister.  Before Parliament had its first proper day’s sitting, he apologised to the Stolen Generation.  And now he’s doing something about the horrendous regime that kept families in detention centres in the middle of nowhere for years on end.

It isn’t perfect but at least it isn’t in total contravention of human rights’ conventions that Australia signed and then ignored.   

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One comment

  1. Yes – while Kev is fiddling around in an irritating manner on some issues, he has really done something worthwhile here. We can feel better about ourselves now.

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