And I Thought I Was Rebellious

30 July 2008

I’ve always thought I was a bit of a rebel.  And I’m a knitter.  But apparently I’m not a rebel knitter.

Well, not according to the Guardian’s Rebelknitters Guide, published last weekend.

I thought it was a joke (the Guardian does great April Fool’s Day articles, but this was 26th July).  Apparently it’s not. 

I know there was a craze in the 80’s for Willy Warmers (not sure what they were called in the USA as I don’t think ‘willy’ has the same connotations).  But a Willy Warmer for a banana??!  An apple cozy to keep your fruit undamaged??!  Wrist warmers??!  Other than as a joke (which wears rather thin, as we saw with the Willy Warmers) what exactly is the point?  If you can knit, why waste your time on this?

And if you’re just learning to knit, you’re not going to learn much from making any of these. 

Where does the rebellion bit come into it? 

“I have such a rebellious streak, I’m not going to knit myself a sweater/hat/socks/shawl.  No, I’m going to knit a condom for my banana”

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  1. I so agree. A friend in the UK sent me an ad for a UK fruit juice last year, asking people to knit cozies for the bottles. For every cozy they received they were going to donate some amount to an aged care organisation. It was a sort of ironical take on the ‘only grannies knit’ thing.

    Maybe it something to do with the fact that knitting is a leisure activity (ie no-one really has to do it to clothe their family anymore), so its status as a non-essential hobby is being taken to ridiculous lengths.

  2. Actually, I like the idea of a fruit cozy to keep my fruit from getting bruised in my bag. I just wonder whether a knitted cozy is thick enough to prevent bruising :p

  3. Dear Celia – you could try bubble wrap. Or, and I thought this was the height of madness until I saw the knitted banana cover, on sale in the UK is a “banana holder”. It’s designed for people who take a packed lunch and is a banana-shaped box with a fastener. BUT – what if your banana is larger, more curved or straighter than the box??? Call me naive if you will, but I thought the skin was designed to protect the fruit….

  4. Okay?! I give up. Are they serious? Why would I want a mashed banana inside a ‘cosy’?

  5. […] weird than the recent Guardian newspaper’s pattern for a banana holder (which I wrote about here).  I should have known […]

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