Not So Much A Boycott . . . .

4 August 2008

Now that we’ve finished watching the World’s Youth (or the Catholic ones, anyway) being spiritually uplifted, it’s nearly time for us to see the (mainly) youth of the world display their physical prowess.

Yes, the Olympic Games start next week.

What on earth possessed the Olympics Committee to award this to China I’ll never know.  But it was the wrong decision and I’ll be boycotting them.

This won’t be much of a sacrifice as I’ve boycotted every Games since Melbourne in 1956.  I watched Torville and Dean get a gold, saw a friend of mine, Bryn Vaile, win a Gold for yachting at Seoul, and stayed up late to see Steve Redgrave win his 5th gold medal for rowing in 5 consecutive Games in Sydney.  That was a record for the Modern Olympic Games and I don’t underestimate his achievement or that of anyone who takes part.  But that has been the sum total of my Olympic viewing in my lifetime.

You may remember that I was brought up to never say I HATE anything, so may I just say that I’m not very fond of sport?  Any sport, anywhere.  Watching it, or playing it.  I disliked it at school (despite being Junior Cross Country Champion one year, and then being picked to play hockey for the school on one occasion)  And it didn’t get any more interesting as I got older.

So I’d really like to be able to say that I won’t be watching the Games from China because I condemn their record on human rights, their treatment of the Tibetans, their censorship regulations, their indiscriminate use of the death penalty.

But I have to admit that’s only half the story.  I’m happy for people to think I’m a woman of principle but actually I just HATE sport (oh damn; now I’ve said it).



  1. Ain’t it grand when you can get two things done at once??

  2. I was the lone voice a couple of years ago when London won the 2012 Olympics – everyone else was reported to be ecstatic. Then the logo was launched, and caused people with epilepsy to have attacks within seconds (AND no-one could work out what the logo said, either). This was followed by weekly upgradings of the cost, which is now (I think) about £9 billion (US$16 billion; AU$18 billion).

    We were told it would make jobs – like the old joke about being in regular work, as an Olympic program seller… Now we learn that thousands more PERMANENT jobs will be lost, as shops and businesses are torn down to build the stadium.

    Who really cares about the Olympics nowadays?

  3. Glad I’m not the only one boycotting the Games!! My reasons are EXACTLY the same as yours.

  4. Yeah, it’s nothing for me to boycott them, dullsville.

    C would watch them if we had the telly plugged in, and love almost any sport. Weirdo.

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