A Long Silence

12 August 2008

No telephone at home, and hence no internet.  I won’t go into the long and boring details (Yes, we HAVE paid the bills).  We’ve been assured every day for the last 12 or so that it will be re-connected the next day.   The latest news is that it should be on Thursday.

BUT we may have a different telephone number.  AND if we do have a different number, we won’t have any internet without re-applying.  And we can’t re-apply now because they may, rather grudgingly I have to say,  give us back our original number. 

So I’m sitting in the corner of the public library using their computer to pick up emails, catch up with friends, pay bills etc – all the activities we’ve rather got used to doing on-line nowadays. 

I’m pretty annoyed.

No I’m not – I’m furious.


  1. As you would be – hope it all works out in the end.

  2. Glad you’re able to sneak in now and again and let people know you’re well. It’s just too damn far for some of us to walk over and check on you!!

  3. This is how I discovered how much I used the internet for everything – when I didn’t have it for a few days. I imagine it must be very frustrating for you. Is it the Raccoons/Penguin mob or the Other Ones?

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