Mangling the Language

17 August 2008

You may remember I was hissing recently about the number of knitters who seem totally unable to spell the word ‘gauge’ – a word all avid knitters come across practically on a daily basis.

I’m spending quite a bit of time at my local library lately (still no phone, no internet).  A place of learning and literacy. 

There are signs all over the place declaring:

COMMUNITY LANGAUGE – Located near the Literacy Section.

Maybe it was written by someone who’d read my blog and now assumes that it’s always “A before U after a G”.

Literacy?  Not in this library.


  1. What on earth is going on with your phone (and internet)? Maybe you should be taking a thermos and a sleeping bag and camping out at the office of whichever company it is.

  2. So now I teach English to speakers of other langauges eh? [It was very difficult for me to type that; nearly spelt it correctly!! LOL]

  3. What far-reaching effects from your blog posts!! Libraries are changing their signs to get in line!

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