Warm Clothing; Cold People

25 August 2008

As I mentioned before, I’m collecting knitted items for the Winterwarm Project, based in Melbourne.  These will be distributed through the Save the Children fund in Afghanistan.

I’ve had a terrific response to my requests for you all to knit for this and have already collected quite a few items.  It’s a wonderful way to use up all those leftovers (from the items I’ve received so far, and from those I’ve knitted myself, I can see that stripes are going to be the ‘in’ thing in Kabul this winter) and it doesn’t matter if the finished item comes out larger or smaller than you planned  –  it will fit SOMEONE.

If you have anything you’ve knitted for this and want to get it to me for postage to Melbourne, Emily will be collecting items at the Tapestry Craft SnB on Thursday and I’ll be at SSK in Newtown next Saturday.

If you prefer to post them direct to Melbourne, the address is:

The WinterWarm Project, P O Box 1076, Belvedere Park LPO, Seaford, Victoria 3198

It’s such a small thing to do and could save a life.

Thank you, everyone.

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