To Die For

28 August 2008

I think I now know that I’m getting old.  When I was younger there were things that you just HAD to have. The latest pair of shoes or a record.  Now there are things I’d LIKE to have but can’t for one reason or another (lack of spare money, availability etc) and so I’m a bit disappointed.  But I get over it. Fairly easily.

Over on Ravelry at the moment they’re going crazy for a yarn that is “to die for” apparently  –  Wollmeise.  It’s a sock yarn and it seems that the woman who produces it in Germany just can’t make enough of the stuff.  She’s now started a sock club – four times a year you get 150g of yarn, a sock pattern and a small gift.   And to join this club, you have to win a lottery as she can’t produce enough to satisfy everyone.  The losers in this lottery are crying all over Ravelry. 

I’m sure it’s lovely yarn; everyone says so and who am I to argue as I’ve never seen it?  But is it to die for?  

Well the price would give most people a heart attack, that’s for sure.  To join the club costs 180 Euro, or AU$306.  Every parcel of 150g of yarn will cost about AU$77.  

Am I missing something here?  Is this yarn really so gorgeous that you just HAVE to have it, or has there just been some canny marketing exercise going on here?  If the company produced this wool identical in every way but with a different name would it be so desirable?  I think not until the Yarn Harlot or someone with a similar high profile came along and ‘sold’ it to us. 

Or maybe I’m just a cheapskate.

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  1. Applause!! I posted a bit of a rant on ravelry just yesterday. Wollmeise is being sold here in the US thru a company called The Loopy Ewe, They get a supply, post it, and it’s gone. Gone, folks, someone else got there first and it’s GONE. They are going crazy!! It’s just yarn, not some new cure for a fatal disease. Such whining and crying and whimpering, and claims of “it’s not fair.” (I hear this a lot at my house, with a pair of 3-yr-olds in residence). Makes you want to leave Ravelry Forums for good, or take up stamp-collecting.

  2. I’d love to know more about this yarn. Does it knit more easily than other yarns? Keep your feet warmer? Wake you up with a cup of coffee? Just what is its USP?

  3. ‘Ear ‘ear!! This kind of mob excitement makes me wonder what kinds of life these people have. It’s only sock yarn!!

  4. I’m not on Ravelry [still holding out] so haven’t heard the fuss. Sounds like very expensive sock yarn to me – and I thought Tofutsies was dear!

    Cheapskate? Never! I received your blogiversary parcel remember. Frugal? Wise stewardship – definitely.

  5. But don’t you know Wollmeise is spun from the hair of the unicorn and dyed in colourways (on the fourth Sunday after a waxing red moon) so exclusive they cannot be seen by the naked eye?

    I bet the loopy ewe chooses who gets the wollmeise too, it ain’t no first in best dressed.

    Not to mention sundara, even more expensive – $35.50USD per month for eight months and you get SIX skeins of yarn! To stop the complaints of those who miss out on her tiny shop updates, she’s decided to stop doing them almost, and sell exclusively to the new ‘clubs’ – the sweater club, the sock club, the moremoneythansense club.

    I’ve got a skein of Wollmeise I bought as a kit from yarnissima. It’s nice enough, but let’s face it, it’s only sock wool. Generous skein though, probably would make two pairs of short socks.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you win a lottery don’t THEY give YOU the money? But you gotta hand it to them, it’s clever marketing – consumers always want what they can not have.

  6. […] I’ve won one.  A skein of Wollmeise.  I wrote about this a few months ago as when each batch is produced there’s a scramble to buy it.  […]

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