To Die For . . . Part 2

30 August 2008

First of all, a correction to my previous post.  The price is for TWO skeins x 150g so it’s ONLY $38 per skein.  A bit better perhaps, but not exactly a bargain.

Secondly, I see that Claudia, the woman who makes this wonderful yarn, has a stipulation that you mustn’t trade or sell the yarn for a year.  I’m not a lawyer but my basic legal studies would tell me that’s totally unenforceable.  With a few possible exceptions, you can trade or sell any item to which you have legal title, ie you OWN it.  And I think if you’ve ordered two skeins of sock yarn and paid for two skeins of sock yarn, you OWN two skeins of sock yarn.  You can do with it whatever you wish. 

If this wool is so desirable that people are willing to pay more than the original purchase price that’s because the company has created this “must have at any cost” market.  So I don’t think she can really complain that there are some who’d capitalise on this. 

Maybe I should have entered the “lottery” anyway.  The profit I’d make on re-selling the stuff would probably fund my yarn purchases for the next 12 months.   

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  1. Damn cheek! But what I want to know is – who actually WEARS socks these days? Men, OK, usually in fairly sombre colours. But women? I’ve had a long think and worked out I’ve only bought one pair since I left school 40+ years ago. They were to wear with a pair of trainers when I (very briefly) joined a gym and were made of cotton, not wool.

  2. Oh dear, Judith. I’m like you – I think I own 3 pairs. We’re out on a limb there, though. All my knitting friends own large numbers of socks and sock yarn is VERY popular. As I don’t knit socks, I use it for baby clothes – knits beautifully and is made to throw into the washing machine.

  3. But what do women wear with these socks? I just can’t get a picture of the garb – what shoes, for instance?

  4. […] talked about this yarn here as it’s SO expensive and SO sought after.  And now I actually own […]

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