Warm Clothing; Cold People – The Conclusion

31 August 2008

I’ve finished collecting the knitted items to go to the Winterwarm Project and I’m so pleased by the response I got to this.

We have:

1 scarf

3 prs socks

3 prs mittens

10 sweaters/cardigans

43 hats

TOTAL:  60 items

And you should see this knitting.  I keep popping over to the great pile that’s accumulated in my dining room to look at it.  Really beautiful items knitted with a lot of care and love.  Fabulous hats!  Balaclavas, fairisle hats with ear muffs, stripy ones, beautiful colours.  Everything knitted in lovely warm wool, quite a bit of it handspun. 

As you all know, I don’t think there is any Great Plan which means that some children are born into poverty.   It’s an accident of birth that I grew up without ever suffering from hypothermia or hunger.  In fact, my parents were so aware of the inequalities of the world that we were never allowed to say we were starving;  it was pointed out that we would never know what ‘starving’ means.

Nobody ‘needs’ to starve to death.  There’s food in abundance around the world – it just isn’t always in the right place at the right time.  Unfortunately I can’t do anything practical about that – just join campaigns to drive Governments to behave morally and responsibly. 

But we can all help stop someone from dying from cold.  One hat may be all it needs. 

I’m not going to thank everyone individually who contributed to this as I run the risk of missing someone out.

But a great big THANK YOU to all of you. 


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  1. Could you take a picture before it all gets sent off…?

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