Yup, We’ve Got A Woman Too

5 September 2008

Hillary Clinton’s supporters are angry.  They want Hillary and they’re getting Obama.  Some of them have vowed to vote for McCain.  He’s rubbing his hands in glee and wondering how he can make sure they stick to their promise. 

Then he had a great idea.  They want a woman;  he’ll give them a woman.  And Sarah Palin’s name goes on the ballot paper.

Despite his age, McCain doesn’t seem to realise that not any old woman will do.  It’s not a case of “Seen one, seen ’em all”, John.  We don’t just come in all shapes and sizes, we actually have different ethics and views as well.  We’re not interchangeable.

Say what you like about Hillary, she’s not a pro-gun, anti-abortion Creationist.  If anything will stop these women from voting Republican, I hope that Sarah will.

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  1. Thank you.

  2. These disaffected Hillary supporters may also be a lot more FICTIONAL than the media is reporting. I had a friend who attended the Democratic National Convention and saw maybe two of these mythical “PUMAs”. There are also a number of blogs reporting that the PUMA website was registered by a known Republican supporter.

    I think the media want it to be true, so that’s what they’re feeding us. The hilarious thing is, McCain seems to have bought it! It looks like he picked Palin solely to pander to these women. What a joke.

  3. She’s just a good ol’ hockey Mom, doncha know? She carries a gun and hunts and makes her 17 year old daughter have babies – who better to run the country! George Dubblya is starting to look pretty harmless ….

  4. …and insists she marries that callow youth I wouldn’t trust to rear chickens, let alone my grandchild. Does America really think “Well, if they’re getting married, that’s OK”?

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