Pompoms for World Peace

6 September 2008

Judith brought this to my attention. 

I don’t really understand the concept but if you think making a pompom might help bring about world peace, then go ahead.  And if you’re a novice at pompom making, go to my How To Make A Pompom page.

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  1. I don’t get the connection either, but I can’t say that anything else we’ve tried has had much success. Mayhap we ought to give it a try? I have this vision of high ranking soldiers all over the world, with stripes up their sleeves to indicate importance, all sitting about with pink/fuchia yarn. Acrylic yarn.

  2. More connection with world peace, perhaps, than has moose-hunting! As you say, Petunia, anything’s worth a try…. Perhaps they could shoot them from guns instead of missiles.

  3. Not quite sure how it works either but it’s creative!

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