And The Prize Goes To . . . . .

12 September 2008


She’s my sister and you may remember I wouldn’t let her participate in the previous Prize Draw I had on my blog.  I thought you’d all accuse me of fixing it.

But this time, she didn’t know that a competition was being held.  Nobody did, except me of course. And it would be cruel to deny her.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I’d give a small gift to the person who posted the 500th comment on my blog.  And overnight on Thursday, Judith did it. 

I’ve always known that even if nobody else was reading my ramblings, Judith was.  So she gets the prize.

I’ll be seeing her in a couple of weeks (the first time for a year) so I’ll give her the prize then.

Thank you, Judith.  And here’s to the next 500.





  1. So being a person with a view on everything (majoring in those matters on which I know least) has paid off at last! Thank you so much, though I feel very guilty about the family connection. (You know the old saying, “There’s nothing wrong with nepotism, so long as it’s kept in the family”). Love to you all. X

  2. So very glad, for both of you, that you’ll be delivering it in person. It’ll save so much on the postal costs! Enjoy your visit together, ladies.

  3. Fairy Nuff, I think.

    Hope the weekend away’s been good to you both.

  4. Have a great trip! Congratulations to Judith.

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