The Wonders of WWW

17 October 2008

Isn’t the Internet wonderful?  Wherever you are in the world, you can keep in touch with friends and family, access blogs, book hotels, do research.  Being away from home for a month isn’t half the problem it used to be.


In Helsinki, the keyboard on the computer provided in each hotel room didn’t work.  As I was then in my nightwear and the telephone didn’t work either, I drew a blank there.

In Bletchley, I generally go to the son of my mother’s neighbour but he’s gone off to University, computer and all.

In London, first stop a girlfriend who’s been having building works done and had packed away all her computer gear for a few days.  Then on to my nephew for a couple of nights.  His internet access went down inexplicably the day I arrived.

So off I trotted to my sister in Harrogate.  The day before I arrived a carpet fitter put a nail through her internet cable.  Never mind – her local library is just down the road.  So I dashed off a few emails and went back the next day hoping I had some replies. Unfortunately, North Yorkshire public library service had a bit of a glitch that day – no internet access in any of their libraries for a few hours.

The World Wide Web?  I should have brushed up my semaphore skills. 

PS:  Now in Tokyo.


  1. Is that what is called ‘a comedy of errors’? Wow! Almost unbvelievable. Enjoy the rest of your trip [with or without the ‘Net].

  2. Have fun in Tokyo! 🙂

    And I’m really looking forward to hearing about all your adventures when you get back.


  3. …./..//…/.-/.-../.-../.–.///

  4. Is Tokyo safe? Now that you’re there, do they have any connection to the outside world?

    Seriously, glad to hear that all’s well, that you haven’t fallen off the map. It’s a shame that all good trips and visits come to an end. Safe journey home.

  5. Sally has arrived back in Sydney, very tired, so I’ll just report that I had an email from her when she stopped over in Tokyo. The message was entirely comprised of ????????????@???????@@?????????, so no joy there, either, by the look of it!

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