And The Prize Went To . . . .

26 October 2008

You may remember before I jetted off that I awarded a prize for the 500th comment on my blog.  And it went to my sister, Judith.  Well this is what she won.  A needlework box with lots of interesting items set into its glass lid.  I’ve no idea what she’ll use it for but she seemed pleased with it.

JGift2 JGift1

So pleased in fact that she’s offered the next prize, which will go to the person who posts the 600th comment. 

Judith lives in Yorkshire (the Texas of England is how she described it) so will donate a selection of Yorkshire goodies to the winner.  I’ve no idea what she’s planned but have told her to remember that she can’t send any edible items if the winner is in Australia (she’s happy to send the parcel anywhere in the world, by the way). 

We’re quite a way away from 600 comments at the moment and I won’t tell you when we’re getting nearer as I’ve discovered in the past that some of you stop posting comments if you think there’s a prize in the offing – presumably because you don’t want to be accused of avarice.  I’m sure it’s not that you don’t like surprise presents in the post. 


  1. One more to bring us closer. I have no qualms about accepting gifts. 😉 And I think that Yorkshire food will be OK as long as it’s properly sealed. Although probably not Back Pudding. ::retch::

  2. I love surprise presents – I’m just not good at blogging about them! Thank you for your goodness in forgiving me! 🙂

    Right now, I don’t love knitted lace – read all about it in tomorrow’s post.

  3. Oh, dear! And I thought a kilo of black pudding would be just the thing. The sewing box is lovely and so unusual. I’ll have to try and keep up Sally’s high standards.

  4. I don’t have much to do today – I’ll just write a hundred comments!

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