I Remain, Yours Sincerely . . . . .

29 October 2008

Dear Senator Obama

As you’ll be even more aware than I am, you have only one week to go.

On the news tonight, I heard (from Republican voters, I presume) that you are a non-American Muslim, that you want to take guns away from decent American citizens so that Islamic forces can invade America with no resistance, that you favour the killing of unborn babies and that you’re an Arab.

I think in your position I would have by now packed my bags and gone home.  There’s only so much ignorance and bigotry I can take.

But you seem to be made of stronger stuff.  So please hang in there – the world is relying on you.

Good luck and take care.

I remain

Yours sincerely

An Australian/British Citizen



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  1. In one more week, all this nonsense will be over. My brother will stop sending this Republican propaganda to me EVERY DAMN DAY.

  2. Uh, no, you ain’t got that right, li’l lady. He’s an Ay-rab, and we’re fightin’ them in Eye-ran, so he ain’t fit to be our President. Plus that and he’s a nigger black an’ all. And that Sarah Palin doll is hawt. You ossies need a lesson in democracy – you heard of democracy? We invented it and we have the best god-damn country in the world.

  3. I tried to do strikethrough on ‘nigger’ but it doesn’t show up. Use your imagination, dudes.

  4. “A campaign worker who claimed she was the victim of a politically-motivated attack by a Obama supporter who carved a B into her cheek, now admits that she made the whole story up”

    It always amazes me how low the lowest-common-denominator can go in this election.

  5. These are “strange days indeed – most peculiar mama!”

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