Dear Senator Obama

30 October 2008

Dear Senator Obama

I know you’re a bit busy at the moment and won’t have time to reply to my letters but I’ll keep them coming, if you don’t mind.

You’ll be pleased to hear that in a poll conducted in Australia (that’s the large island practically at the bottom of the world, NOT to be confused with a country of a similar name in Europe – but, sorry, you’re  probably one of the few American politicians who knows that) apparently 76% of the population would vote for you.  And that includes a lot of people who vote here for the Liberal Party (that’s Liberal with a large L, not to be confused with liberal, as in “respecting many different types of beliefs or behaviour” – in fact that’s exactly what the Liberal Party of Australia DOESN’T stand for). 

So give us all a vote and you’ll soon be romping to the White House. 

Good luck and take care

Yours sincerely

A frustrated Australian/British citizen

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  1. We think alike – again.

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