Remember, Remember

5 November 2008

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

I see no reason why Gunpowder, Treason

Should ever be forgot.

Today, 5th November, is Guy Fawkes’ Night (or Bonfire Night) in the UK.   This commemorates the occasion when Guy Fawkes and his gang, in 1605, tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London.

All over Britain, bonfires are lit, effigies of Guy Fawkes burnt and fireworks displayed.  Traditionally black treacle toffee is eaten, along with toffee apples, and potatoes cooked in the embers of the bonfire.

And today, 10 years ago, at a large Bonfire Night party in London, David and I started a relationship, which led to marriage and my move to Australia.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere in Sydney that celebrates this so we had to make do with sparklers in the garden.


That’s my Guy!


  1. Guy Fawkes went to school in York, 20 miles (about 30km) from where I live. The school never celebrates Bonfire Night as the Headmaster says, “We think it’s bad form to burn old boys”.

  2. Happy “Anniversary”!

    I’ve nominated you for an award 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary.

  4. He’s a bright spark isn’t he 😉

    I watch “V is for Vendetta” on the 5th of November because it is such a great story (and Hugo Weaving has such a sexy voice)
    I’d rather celebrate Guy Fawkes Night than Halloween

  5. ooh… I love “V for Vendetta” – it’s one of those kooky movies that makes you think rather than dragging you along for a ride.

    Despite a whole bunch of research on the interwebs I still don’t understand *exactly* what is being celebrated on Bonfire Night beyond the fires… (yes, I am an ignorant Aussie) but hey, I love a great bonfire (though it gets a little close to bushfire season here – perhaps that’s why you were reduced to sparklers in the back yard…)

    Useless piece of trivia – in some of the scenes it isn’t Hugo Weaving – they just dubbed his voice in over the top.

  6. Silly, silly man. But that’s why you love him. I miss the fireworks too. It was always a big night in NZ.

  7. Yay – great to see David with his deely-bopper sparklers.


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