My Awards

6 November 2008

I should have done my award nominations a long time ago.  I’m now in the situation where some of those I was going to nominate have already been given awards.  But I’ll give them a special mention anway.

Firstly, there’s Witty Knitter.  I’ve been reading Mary-Helen’s musings for about 4 years and I do worry sometimes that she thinks I’m cyber-stalking her.  We so often cover the same subjects on the same day as I think our eyes naturally veer to the same stories in the papers or on the web.  She has a bit of knitting, a bit of politics, a bit of life in general and I always enjoy what she’s got to say.

Secondly, there’s Disco Knitter.  I started reading Lara’s blog long before she became a good friend.  Lara has a little boy who’s nearly a year old so most of her posts now are about her life with Inigo, which hasn’t been easy.  She’s passionate about a lot of things and I really admire that in her.  She has ethics, is highly principled and is one of the most decent human beings I know.  Also, I like the fact that reading her blog is like talking to her – no flowery writing for the screen. 

They’ve both been recognised as great blogs to read, so may I now point you in the direction of some others of my favourites:

First out of the blocks is Knitabulous.  If you want to see truly wonderful knitting from an Australian knitter, drop into Ailsa’s.  She creates the most beautiful shawls but everything she knits makes me envious.  I have an outstanding invitation to visit her but I worry that I’ll drool all over her handiwork.

Second on my list (and these come in no particular order) iis Petunia Rambles On.  She’s in America and we’ve never met.  I love her style.  Again I imagine that her blog is just like a conversation.  Some knitting, some family matters (she currently shares her house with 3 year old twin Grandsons), and some just looking at life around her. 

Then there’s Jejune’s Place.  Denise is a quite remarkable woman.  She trained, I believe, as a scientist then as a graphic designer.  She’s the person who produces all those beautiful knitting gift cards that my friends are given occasionally (if they’ve been very good).  She’s also a puzzle compiler and is currently commissioned to write a book in the Dummies series.  She lives in Canberra, she’s a carer and I had the pleasure of meeting her once.  A truly delightful person and I always like to see what she’s up to on her blog as it’s so varied. 

And lastly, there’s De-conversion, a blog that helps keep my scepticism and atheism alive and flourishing. 

Thank you, all of you, for bothering to blog.  I enjoy them and I’m sure lots of other people do as well. 



  1. Thank you for the award *blush* 🙂

  2. Thank you! You are very kind 🙂

    And I am so glad you nominated Ailsa, I wanted to nominate her too (though I know she is above such things ;))

  3. Wit and intelligence escapes me this morning. I’ll have to go with, “Thank you.” Your friendship means a great deal to me.

  4. Good God. Stop it. I am unaccustomed to praise, and subsequently it makes me very uncomfortable.

    But of course, thank you! I like your blog too!

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