Atheist Bus Campaign

8 November 2008

The British Humanist Association is running a bus campaign, with posters along the sides of the vehicles stating:

“There’s probably no God.  Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”

The Atheist Federation of Australia has decided to run a similar campaign here but has come up against a few brick walls.  Apparently Metro Buses in Tasmania is rejecting the ads because:

“Metro has considered the advertising material and feel that there is reasonable potential for the message to stimulate debate from interest groups within the community, and possibly draw negative criticism that identifies Metro as the advertising medium provider” 

The ad. in Australia, by the way, is intending to declare “Atheism: because there is no credible evidence”.

Do we all seriously believe that the bus companies are passionate supporters of the products advertised on the side of their buses?   In the run up to World Youth Day, Sydney Buses carried a lot of ads round Sydney but it didn’t cross my mind that the company necessarily endorsed the sentiments.  I thought they were just advertisements, paid for by the Catholic Church or the State Government (interchangeable bodies as we discovered during this fiasco).   

And to refuse an ad. because it may ‘stimulate debate’ is surreal.  I think that may be their purpose.  And anyway why on earth does Metro Buses consider that one of their roles is to stifle debate?

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  1. I can’t even begin to contemplate the explosive reaction if anyone dared try to run a similar campaign anywhere here in the States. Some guy in an 18-wheeler would probably try to run the bus off the road, regardless of the innocent people on board.

    I was re-watching Cosmos recently, and it struck me that thirty years ago, one could make a TV program that baldly and directly calls evolution a “fact, not a theory” and openly questions the existence of any divine entity… but one couldn’t do that today.

    How far the mighty have fallen.

  2. I see some that would want to run that bus off the road. I ALSO see tens of thousands more who would board the bus, reading their morning paper, and NEVER even notice the ad. Not for months!

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