“Dear Editor”

10 November 2008

The Obama victory has led to loads of “Letters to the Editor” in the Sydney Morning Herald, most of them as dull as ditchwater or of the “I told you so” kind. 

But three have really stood out for me.  I presume that the writers won’t mind my quoting them, as they had put them in the public domain.  I would have liked to have linked to them on the SMH website but I can’t find them.

The first said that good news though this election was, will they ever take that further step and elect an atheist President? 

The second said that we mustn’t believe that the election of Obama shows that anyone now can become President.  The election of George W. did that.

And the third pointed out that feminism is indeed alive and well in the USA.  For women to gain any senior position, they had traditionally to be far better than the men.  But now a mediocre woman has managed to get herself on the ballot paper, just like mediocre men have always been able to do.


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  1. Don’t you just feel sick when people write like that? I’m so envious that they can turn the mot juste when needed and put things so well and succintly. Spit!

  2. A non-theist President? Unlikely any time soon. A poll commissioned earlier this year asked whether people would be willing to vote for a (Black|gay|Mormon|female|Catholic|Hispanic|Atheist|Jew…) for President. Every group scored at least in the high 80s, percentage wise, that in principle the polled people could vote for a qualified candidate of that gender/color/orientation/religion.

    Except Atheist. That came in at only 45% willing to vote for an Atheist for President, all other things being equal.

    We still have a ways to go yet.

  3. I really liked those 3 letters – much more witty and to the point than any correspondence that I’ve read in the British press.

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