Gun Slings?

20 November 2008

I really didn’t think it could get much more weird than the recent Guardian newspaper’s pattern for a banana holder (which I wrote about here).  I should have known better!

A few days ago, I read a plea from a woman who has just bought a new rifle but didn’t like the case it came in and was wondering where she could find a suitable knitting pattern for a replacement (!!).

She soon had lots of replies and they weren’t of the “You want to knit WHAT?” variety.  They were full of handy tips and advice from fellow gun-toting knitters.  Like one who said it wasn’t a great idea because the oil from the gun damages the wool.  Or another who said she’d made one but had felted it to make it sturdier. And another who suggested  that she just knitted a cover for the case that came with the gun. 

I really do sometimes wonder if I’m living in a parallel universe.


  1. Not being quite that ambitious lately (or ever!), I did make a cover for my iPod.

    And I’m getting more afraid, every day, to read the newspapers.

  2. Interesting article – I am not into knitting but this post got my attention and showed me that there are some very diverse knitters out there! 🙂

  3. It takes all kinds!

  4. I just read this to Reg, lounging on the settee. He felt able to express a long-felt need he has for a knitted kebab holder. Thank you for giving him the courage to speak out.

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