Let’s Party!

20 November 2008

Today sees the launch of a new political party in Australia:  the Australian S-x Party (sorry, I can’t type the word as it will send Google into overdrive).   

This new party aims to campaign against the proposed Australian censorship of the Internet, for decent s-x education in our schools and for the legalisation of same-sex marriages (oops!  Now I’ve said it).

Religious fundamentalists seem to be obsessed with sex and this permeates all aspects of our life because their views have always carried more weight in Government than those of the laid-back atheists.  (Although while our parliamentarians have been busy legislating against various practices for the rest of us, some of their extra-curricular activities wouldn’t bear much scrutiny.)   

I blame the Garden of Eden.  And see no reason for our laws to be based on the story of a man, a woman, lust, disobedience, an apple and a snake,

Is it just a fluke that the acronym of this new party is ASP?

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