Knit One, Stir One

22 November 2008

Yesterday, Gordon Wood was found guilty of the murder in 1995 of his girlfriend, Caroline Byrne, by throwing her off The Gap.  I won’t go into the details of the case but you can read all about it here.

It sounds as if Gordon’s mother was obviously not that impressed with her son’s choice of girlfriend, according to the report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Mrs Wood described Caroline Byrne as a ‘nice person’ who had ‘no charisma’ and who was ‘without any natural homemaking skills’.  Caroline couldn’t even knit”

Well, well.  I never met David’s mother so I’ve no idea whether I’d have impressed her with my knitting skills.  In general I’ve got on quite well with the mothers of boyfriends over the years (with one notable exception which I won’t go into here!).  Maybe they overlooked my domestic deficiencies because I could knit.

Mrs Wood also said that Caroline “didn’t bring a pot or a pan to the relationship”.   I remember when I was packing up in England to move out to Australia to be with David, he asked me whether I’d be bringing my saucepans with me, as they’re very good quality and better than the ones he had.  I’m not particularly good at actually USING them but who cares?  I do the knitting; David does the cooking.

Sounds fair to me.



  1. When I got married the first time, I could cook and knit/crochet, taught well by my mother. My new MIL, however, still disliked me. See, hubby was from the other side of the country, stationed here on the East Coast in the Military. He married me, and didn’t go home to her anymore. (all my fault, you see) (he’s been out of the military for 20+ years and still doesn’t go out there!!)

  2. I always went out of my way to make them not like me! Low cut tops, public displays of affection, smoking, that kind of thing.

    And I’m glad too, because I ended up a knitting, cooking, cleaning housewifey type – even I didn’t see that coming.

    (I married my husband in England, I was a travelling Australian layabout, he was an Englishman; we still have his pots and pans to this day. And his sebatier knives.)

  3. I saw that too. I feel sorry for the woman in her present circumstances, but really, what a stupid comment to make.

  4. I knit, he cooks – sounds good to me too!

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