I’m Not Very Fond Of . . . Part 12

25 November 2008

You must all by now know how I feel about quirky, funny or downright ridiculous signs and public announcements. 

Sydney’s buses and trains are always a good source of amusement for me as they just don’t seem to be able to help themselves.  My all-time favourite, as I’ve mentioned before, is the sign forbidding us to drink on the bus, with its picture of a Martini glass.  It must have been before my time here that cocktail drinking was a serious problem for commuters.

The latest has been written for the mathematically-challenged among us, I think.

“The 14-day pass.  Just like the 7-day pass but lasts twice as long”.

Tells us all we need to know, I suppose.


  1. The sad thing is, that’s literally the only difference. It doesn’t save you any extra money or anything.

    Oh, but wait! I forgot one tiny differentiator. You can buy and top-up the 7-day passes at the machines, but you can only get the 14-day passes at the windows. So they cost the same, but whatever time you save by not having to buy one the second week is lost by the fact that you have to queue up at a window. Oh, and you can top-up a weekly pass before it expires, but you can’t with a 14-day.


  2. Another sad thought. Someone was paid a large sum of money to come up with this pathetic ad concept, and lots of high-dollar executives thought it was the best idea and approved it.

    I wasn’t aware that the vast majority of your population would need confirmation, in their faces every day, that 14, yes, indeed, is twice 7.

  3. Falling rocks do not stop.

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