Perhaps You Should Rephrase That . . . Part 2

26 November 2008

Judith commented on this post last week by quoting a job she’d seen advertised for the Royal College of Surgeons.  They were looking for an administrator who could “operate at Board level”.

Today she’s found another one.  A charity called Get Hooked on Fishing (!! – don’t ask) would like to find a Chief Executive who will  “increase their income streams”.  (Honestly – I checked the ad. myself)

Then Petunia commented on the ridiculous ads. I see on trains and buses in Sydney.  She rightly questioned what all these advertising executives were being paid for when so many grammatically incorrect or just downright stupid advertisements actually make it to the screen or into print.  I’ve worked for advertising agencies (still do) and know that they don’t just come up with an idea and the next day it’s out there for all to read.  Ideas go round the agency, round the client, back to the agency, back to the client etc.  And garbage still manages to get out there. 

When I was in England recently, Judith pointed out to me a TV advertisement (advertising what, I can’t remember) with a penguin leaning up against an igloo.  We tested this one on my 13 year old great-niece. 

“Why do Auntie Sally and I think this ad. is stupid?”

With hardly a pause for breath, the answer from Alice was:

“Well, penguins can’t fly”

Even if they could, I think they’d have to undergo some pretty heavy training before they’d set out on a flight from the Antarctic to the Arctic. 



  1. What jumped out at me here?? Your statement, “advertising what, I can’t remember.” The print and TV commercials are often stupid or insulting, we don’t even remember the product name. And the businesses are paying 3 fortunes to be promoted.

    We have one here in the states for Direct TV. It’s shown on every TV station, about every 6 minutes – or so it seems to me! Told hubby that if our current provider goes under, we’ll sit and flip the pages on the calendar on yon wall, before we’ll go with that company. If I see that dumb son of a gun jump into the water in his undershorts again, I’ll put my foot through the TV.

  2. I just read further down the ad and it refers to “untapped resources”, but perhaps that’s pushing the water analogy a bit too far…

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