I’ve Got A Winner!

4 December 2008

Judith, my sister in England, won a small prize from me for posting the 500th comment since I’d started this blog last year.  So she announced that she’d provide a prize for the 600th comment – a goodie bag from Yorkshire.  I think she’s enjoyed looking around for items and has had it all ready to go for a couple of weeks. 

But nearly complete silence in the comments department for the last week or so.  (Note to self:  must lift my game)   I even thought of writing something REALLY controversial to stir you all up but that felt like cheating.  I write about what I want to write about at the time.  Sometimes boring to other people, sometimes a little controversial. 

Anyway, we eventually made it to the 600th comment and in the next day or so, a package will be winging its way from Harrogate to Sydney to the home of Mary-Helen.  

And it couldn’t have gone to a more worthy person (though I’m not sure she’d like me to call her ‘worthy’).  She was one of my first knitting friends in Sydney and “pimped” my blog on the day it went live.  Through her I’ve made lots of other friends.  She’s bright, funny, kind and (I’m sorry, M-H, but I have to say it ) blunt.  And that’s what I like about her.  In fact, she could have come from Yorkshire herself – definitely “calling a spade a spade” sort of person. 

Do let me see what’s in the parcel when you get it.







  1. I’m so pleased that the goody bag is going to someone who’s been such a loyal supporter of Sally’s blog. I planned to send it off the very day I heard who the winner is, but at the moment we have a very heavy fall of snow, roads blocked, etc, so it may be that a trip to the post office is off the agenda today. BUT I will send it asap. Congratulations, M-H!

  2. Is there any Harrowgate tea in the prize for Mary-Helen? I have just bought some Yorkshire Gold leaf tea – only 2% caffeine – and it actually tastes like tea! unlike the decaffeinated teabags that I have had to use until now. I’m sold on it.

    Congratulations Mary-Helen!

  3. Ooooh I hope there is tea. I love good tea. Thanks Judith and Sally. This came completely out of the blue. I’d been away for a few days and was just catching up on blog reading and commenting.

    Blunt? Moi? Sally, I have no idea what you mean. I’m the sweetest person I know.

  4. Congratulations M-H. What a lovely idea Judith!
    And Sally, you don’t have to “lift your game”; write whatever you want to write. It’s much more likely that we all got a bit busy in November/December! I missed writing and reading blogs for six weeks [as well you know]. Keep up the great blog – I’ve never missed a post, even if I am reading them days or weeks later!

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