Wrapping With Love

22 December 2008

Until I came to Sydney, knitting was a solitary occupation and it’s still only when I’m by myself that I really manage to get much knitting done.  But, boy, knitting is great way to make friends.  We may only manage to get a few rows knitted, or sew on a couple of buttons, but meeting up with other knitters around Sydney and talking about everything under the sun (no, we don’t talk about knitting all the time) has brought so many terrific people into my life.  Really good friends of all ages and backgrounds.

I’ve been to a number of groups around town, meeting in cafes, pubs and yarn shops.  Most of the knitters are very experienced and some of them produce stunning work that I can only dream of. 

But the group that has really impressed me recently meets in my local library.  It was formed by the librarians to knit for Wraps With Love.  No beautifully original handiwork here – just garter stitch squares for blankets which are distributed all over the world.   A lot of the women (unfortunately there are no men in this group) are new knitters – and I mean ‘new’.  They’ve learned to cast on, knit and cast off.  And they painstakingly produce squares for blankets.  There are enough experienced knitters in the group to help and encourage, and a lot of the women are going to become ‘knitters’, I’m sure of it.

Just to make things even more difficult, a number of these new knitters don’t have English as their first language.  They come from India, Sri Lanka and all over S.E. Asia.  They’re learning to knit, they’re speaking English and they’re making friends in their local community.  AND of course they’re producing warm blankets for those in need.   

The blankets we knit consist of 28 x 10″ squares.  The group has produced more than 20 blankets in the last few months.  That’s a lot of knitting, a lot of sewing and a lot of wool.  And here’s the rub.  They’re quite short of wool at the moment so I’m hoping that some of the other lovely knitters I know around Sydney may have some they’d like to throw into the pot.  8 ply (double knitting) wool.  Any colour, any amounts.

Please leave a message here if you have some leftovers you’d be willing to donate.  If you know me from any of the groups I go to, you could get it to me that way.  Or if you’re near Epping, you can just drop it into the library at any time (the librarians act as custodians of the stash).  And, if you’re really bored one evening, you could knit a 10″ garter stitch square and donate that as well!  (I know I’m pushing my luck a bit there!)

It would be helping a great group of women. As well, of course, as providing much needed warmth for people all over the world – at the last count I think Wrap With Love has distributed something like 28,000 blankets.


  1. What a beautiful description of our wonderful group. And thank you for putting the word out for donations, PomPom. Although I’m known elsewhere for complaining! I’m constantly amazed at the generosity of people – the librarians at Epping have offered to skein and wash balls of wool that have been in garbage bags at the Guild – washing needed because the wool in the bags had been riddled with moths and there may be moth eggs …. I managed to salvage quite a number of balls that are old ‘mothproofed’ wools. It is a tiresome task, but our generous librarians have offered to help. Three cheers for Epping Library.

  2. Sally, I think I’ll have some to pass on as I pack up my stash – if we’re still on for 29th Lunch I can bring it then? Not sure how much!

    Won’t get email before then, possibly, due to Throttledom, so give me a call some time to let me know, maybe?

    Have a very HC, both of you, form both of us.

  3. That’s exactly how I got involved knitting for charity – first I knitted for Wrap with Love [and still do] then I found Knit4Charities.

    BTW, they also knit in acrylic which, though not as warm, can withstand the rough treatment many of the wraps are likely to get. So wool, acrylic or blend in Dk [8ply] would be greatly appreciated!

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