A Real Woman

28 December 2008

Am I a Real Woman?  What is a Real Woman? 

I was born female, I’m still female,  But is this enough?

All around, I see references to Real Women.  Shops that advertise “Clothes for Real Women” – that seems to be a euphemism for larger women (apparently as an Aussie/Brit size 12, I’m not ‘real’). 

Magazine articles about women who’ve lost their ability to have children and don’t feel like “Real Women” any more.  Am I not the real thing because I didn’t develop a maternal instinct and I’ve been sterilised? 

Films for Real Women.  Bridget Jones’ Diary didn’t ring any chords with me at all.  I can’t remember the last time I cried watching a film and a book advertised as “Chick Lit” would go straight back on the shelf.

I don’t even like shopping, for Heaven’s sake.  One of the pleasures of being rich would be for someone to do the hard work for me and just bring me suitable clothes to try on at home. 

I fancy men.  But a number of my good friends are lesbian.  Aren’t they Real Women?  They seem real enough to me.

It’s very confusing.  I don’t know what I am.  I suppose I’m just ME. 




  1. lol. when advertising says “real women” – they usually mean women that aren’t the ones typically cast in model calls or aren’t celebrities.

    women who aren’t paris hilton or britney spears. šŸ˜›

    yep, we’re supposed to be us. don’t get advertisng get you – its a mean world out there

  2. With regard to weight, this is a matter of time and place. If you look at photos of street scenes in the 50s and 60s, there are few, if any, “fat” people. Sturdy, yes; well-built, yes; but not the rolls-round-their-stomachs-and-legs and waddling- walk type of fat. This is a new phenomenon in Western cultues.

    So are the women who promote “Big is Beautiful” just asking us to accept that their lifestyles are out of control but that this is OK so long as they describe themselves as “Real Women”? And I’m one of those who can freely admit to being 15lbs (6kg) over the weight I was and probably should be for fitness. But

  3. (pressed SUBMIT by accident!)But I do admit it, not glorify it.

  4. Its a fascinating discourse, isn’t it? If all the clothes are to be bought by ‘real women’, what are the fake women going to wear?

  5. The Empress’s clothes…?

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