Atheist Bus Campaign – Part 2

11 January 2009

In November, I talked about the Atheist Bus Campaign being launched in England (previous post here).  Well, it’s now up and running, with the slogan “There’s probably no God.  Now stop worrying. And enjoy your life”.    It’s getting a lot of publicity.  And a few complaints.  

It’s felt that the statements in these ads. don’t comply with the Advertising Standard Authority’s rules that they must be capable of substantiation.  So it looks as though two thousand years of philosophical debate is going to be settled by an advertising association in the UK.  Don’t envy them that one.

 But where’s the Australian campaign?   Well, it would appear that APN Outdoor, Australia’s biggest outdoor advertising company, has refused to take the ads. on public transport systems here.   Worried they may offend some people.   I haven’t noticed their concern before.  So in future I’m going to email them every time I see an ad. promoting any religious group/institution/event/belief system. 

Should keep me busy.

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  1. What’s also interesting is that the campaign was looking for £5,000 to fund it. An appeal has raised over £120,000 and donations are still flooding in.

  2. There are religious ads on our public transport system?? Really?

  3. Good one – some of those ads I find downright offensive so I might have to email too!

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