BB’s Winter Millinery Collection

17 January 2009

I received an invitation last week to a baby shower taking place tomorrow.  Not much time.  Sex of baby unknown.

Hats are good ‘train knitting” (I spend about 1.5 hours on trains each day) so hats it had to be.


The baby is due in February and won’t need much in the way of warm hats until the winter sets in, so they’re all knitted for about a 6-9 month old baby. Just in case my friend has “issues” around suitable colours for boys and girls, I’ve avoided pink and blue.  I think these are fairly unisex.

I do hope it’s a girl.  Everyone I know has had boys in the last couple of years and, as gorgeous as they are,  I’d LOVE a little girl to knit for.   I know this sounds terribly sexist but I really don’t know many parents who would put their baby boy in a lace hat, a frilly cardigan or a pink sweater.  Baby boys USED to wear dresses and I’m not sure when this changed but I don’t think the trend is returning any time soon.


  1. I’ve a photo of our great-uncles which would have been taken in the early 1890s. I’d thought that dresses for young boys were more or less restricted to the aristocracy, but these were very ordinary working-class people and the boys, aged about 2 and 4, were both in dresses and even quite girly hats.

  2. I have a photo of my dad taken in 1929 wearing a dress. He was from an ordinary, working class family. Still, I agree, I don’t think dresses on boys will be back anytime soon.

    I hope the mum-to-be likes the hats – I certainly do.
    My step-nephew’s de facto gave birth to their second child this week; knitted items? Eww yuk!! I now have four great nieces and nephews ranging in age from 8 years to five days but knitted garments – oh no!

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