A Day? A Week? A Month? What the hell!

19 January 2009

I was reminded on Saturday by Emily that I had become a bit obsessed last year by the rather strange way of describing time I keep coming across in Oz.  Australian Women’s Weekly is a MONTHLY magazine, Yuendumu Sports DAY lasts a weekend, as does Farm DAY, and  Canberra Wool WEEK takes place on a Sunday.

And lo and behold I found another today.  Apparently we’re exporting this habit to other countries.

Every year, a celebration of all things Aussie takes place in America.  I presume it’s to boost the tourist industry but it’s also an opportunity for rich and famous ex-pats to gorge on whatever one would gorge on at such a festivity (Vegemite?  Cherry Ripe? ) 

And it’s called “G’Day USA – Australia Week 2009”.

And it lasts ELEVEN DAYS. 

Read all about it here, where it’s actually referred to as a “two week celebration” organised by “the Australia Week committee”. 

I don’t make these things up, honest!

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  1. I know you’re not making them up!! What I’m wondering is how the hell you find so many of them.

  2. It just reminds me of the title of that movie made back in the 60’s or 70’s… “They’re a weird mob down under”.

  3. Never heard of it. But it sounds like fun–I’ll go read the link.

  4. Years ago, 1985 to be precise, we were walking down a street in Memphis, Tennessee, as one does …. and we came across a huge road sign warning that there was no more petrol for hundreds of kilometres ? miles and it had the distances to a whole lot of places that sounded VERY Australian – it turned out to be the very same thing you are describing – it was a hoot, but very effective I would have thought.

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