No View From The Hill

22 January 2009

I think you’ve all got enough to read on the net about THE inauguration.  But I couldn’t let this gem pass without comment.

240,000 tickets were issued to spectators in the grounds of the Capitol.  But only about 236,000 people were able to get in.

The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms is quoted as saying “About 4,000 people were discombobulated”.***   (!!!)

And the reason for said discombobulation?

A spokesman explained that when calculating capacity, they’d failed to take into account the bulky winter clothing that the visitors would be wearing. 

I don’t suppose they could really ask people to remove layers of clothes to make space for a few more bodies, so they just had to refuse entry.

But if I’d travelled across the country to see this, and had a ticket, I think I’d have been discombobulated too!

*** To save you the trouble of looking it up, it means ‘confused, upset, disconcerted’

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  1. Yes, I’d be discombobulated too [it’s a great word, isn’t it?]

    The warmth [??] and comfort of home was far more convenient! LOL

  2. You’re amazing in your ability to find these bits of information! I think that, were it me who traveled a great distance, fought the transportation difficulties and crowds, dressed up like Admiral Byrd to remain in the cold for an extended period of time, AND THEN was turned away, I’d have been more than “upset” or “disconcerted.” There are no polite words to describe what I’d have been like.

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