From A New Australian

26 January 2009

This is my first Australia Day as an Australian (I became a citizen in May). 

And how am I celebrating it?  In English fashion, I’m ashamed to admit.  Yes, we’re having a curry!

Emily, Clare, Lara, Mark and Inigo are coming over for dinner.   

But for those of you celebrating in a more traditional style, maybe these versions of the National Anthem will help you on your way.

Yes, we have the punk version, the rocker version, and the Central Station announcer version.

Australians All, Let Us Rejoice!



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  1. I sang the National Anthem with a choir today. I made it my business to blast the second verse (In particular “for those who come beyond the sea, we’ve boundless plains to share”. Have fun on your first Australia Day as a bonza ripper beauty sheila.

  2. I wasn’t really up for the punk or rocker versions but WM, who as you know works for the same boss as Dorry, watched with interest!

    We had a barbecue – chicken because I don’t eat red meat [especially not lamb] with home-made potato wedges and salad.

    Normally I’d make damper for lunch but WM and DD had a father-daughter day at aqua golf and ten-pin bowling; I had the luxury of a few hours to myself!

  3. I went back and listened to a few of them – the Cambodian kiddies tugged my heart strings and I enjoyed watching the Auslan rendition. Thanks for sharing the site.

  4. Happy Aussie Day to you, PomPom 🙂 Hope you had a great curry! Now, you just need to learn make lamingtons 😉

  5. And a splendid dinner it was! Thanks so much for a fabulous evening – you guys are exceptional hosts!

  6. […] to Sarah, Emma, Lynne, Sally, Kate and mum, who have all made donations or promised […]

  7. Lara’s right – delicious grub! And also great company – we both had a fabulous time, thank you, Sally – and of course David!

    See you on Wed!

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