The Root Of All Evil?

27 January 2009

I think we can say with some certainty that the Pope’s visit to Australia last year for World Youth Day didn’t leave him with much of a grasp of Australian vernacular.

He’s announced that the theme for the 2011 World Youth Day will be “Rooted and Built up in Jesus Christ; Firm in the faith”

Caused a lot of laughter in our house.

(Australian Dictionary definition:  “To root  – to engage in sexual intercourse”)




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  1. Oh, my, they’re going to need a lot of chaperones on that trip.

  2. Coffee on keyboard disaster just averted….

  3. You wicked, wicked woman – I nearly died laughing!

  4. *snort* lol !! He knows not what he says! You’d have thought God would have warned him … 😉

  5. Hmmmm…


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