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A Shawl For 2009

8 January 2009

My first creation of 2009 is off the needles!  My only New Year Resolution is that ALL knitting gets posted to my blog and to Ravelry.  Unless you know me personally, you’d think I hardly knitted anything (and this IS supposed to be ‘Confessions of An Upside Down Knitter’).  So good, bad or indifferent, you can read about it here!

It’s rare I knit something that takes so little time but the Forest Canopy Shawl took about 15 hours.  I’ve wanted to knit this for a while but was spurred on when I realised last week that I haven’t got a plain shawl to throw over summer clothes in the evening.  So cream it had to be.


Grignasco Champagne (75% merino, 25% silk) – 130 grams, knitted on 5mm needles.

I did 4 extra repeats of the pattern (and could probably have done 5 but was worried I’d run out of yarn) as everyone says it’s quite small. 

Unblocked:  110 x 50cm

Blocked:  163 x 86cm


Stick Em Up

6 January 2009

Apparently a shop in England refused to sell knitting needles to a 20 year old, claiming that the minimum age requirement is 21! 

Whether this is true or not, I’ve no idea.  The Sun newspaper isn’t renowned for its fact-finding skills and has only a passing acquaintance with veracity. 

Bear in mind that this was the newspaper that published an “exclusive” interview with the widow of a posthumous VC hero from the Falklands War (Colonel ‘H’ Jones).  In fact, the interview was so “exclusive” it had excluded the woman herself.  She’d never met the reporter nor given an interview to that newspaper nor any other.  The whole “interview” had taken place solely in the mind of the journalist.  They paid out a lot of compensation but I suppose by that time, they’d sold a lot of newspapers.

But back to the age requirement under UK law for the purchase of knitting needles.  There are strict laws against the purchase of knives and other sharp and pointy objects by the under 16’s.  But 21 to buy knitting needles?  I think not (unless any of you can tell me otherwise).


And In With The New

1 January 2009

Hope you all had a happy AND SAFE New Year!

And talking about safety, on the drive up to my friends in Killcare, I saw the sign:

“RTA cameras on this road monitor traffic conditions”  

As opposed to . . . . ?  

Well, I suppose we should have been relieved.  We thought they were there to perve at scantily-clad young women in open-topped cars.  Or were they pointing skywards to study the migratory patterns of birds? 

At the risk of sounding monotonous, WHO WRITES THIS GARBAGE?


***  RTA = Road Traffic Authority (translation for those of you outside Australia!)