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Dressed To Knit

27 February 2009

Well, you asked for WWKIP T-shirts with David’s terrific logo.  And you’ve got them.

358993205v1_150x150_Front The cheapest way to provide these would have been to get a local company to print them but I’m not in the retail trade and it was just too difficult.  How many to order?  What sizes?  I’d have to fund these myself and frankly I’ve too much on my plate at the moment so I’ve opened an account with Cafepress.

Although Cafepress now has an Australian site all their goods are priced in US Dollars then converted to Aussie Dollars.  And with the state of the American dollar, this makes the T-shirts a bit more expensive than they would be if I’d sourced them locally.  I think the Cafepress ones are good quality and I believe the service is very good.  To make delivery a bit cheaper, perhaps you could get together with other knitters and place a bulk order.

So click here and look what’s on offer.  If there is anything else you’d like the Cafepress site to sell, just let me know.  It costs me nothing to list the items.   

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Knitting Chart Generator

26 February 2009

Have you seen this

It’s a wonderful way to produce a lace chart – just click on the stitches. it converts them to symbols and produces a chart.  Or use it for a cable chart.  Or a fairisle chart. 

No more trying to draw symbols into a spreadsheet.  And how do you produce a symbol for K3 tog anyway?

Type it in, print it out or save it.  It’s terrific.

Thanks to Jen Balfour.



Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is . . Part 2

24 February 2009

After getting a place on the Executive of the Knitters Guild then not getting a place on the Executive, it is now confirmed that I have a place on the Executive (after the AGM of 7th March).

Thank you all so much for your support over this fiasco.

If you’re a member of the Guild, do come along to the AGM. If you’re not, why not?


The View From Where I’m Standing

22 February 2009

I know some of you may not believe this but it’s never my intention to be offensive or rude, either here or in “real life”.But I do know that sometimes I offend.  And I think I do that by showing a lack of respect.

I just cannot agree that we have to respect each other’s views.  I respect your right to HOLD those views but I don’t have to respect the views themselves.  And your right to hold whatever views you want doesn’t also give you a right to use them to determine the way I live my life.  If you want to believe that the world is flat, I’ll defend your right to believe that.  But don’t expect me not to laugh.  And don’t be offended when I discover that you’re a Qantas pilot and I refuse to get on your plane.

In some people’s mind, religious beliefs deserve some sort of special protection from ridicule and derision.  We’re always being told that we mustn’t offend people’s religious views.   Why on earth not? 

Why should I respect your view to allow your child to die rather than allow her to have a blood transfusion?  Although I wouldn’t normally condone violence, I’d have a lot more respect for a mother who killed to protect her child than one who just stood by, when she was perfectly able to save her child’s life.

It’s apparently reasonably acceptable to poke fun at the newer religions.  Who, except Tom Cruise, hasn’t laughed out loud at the beliefs of Scientologists?  But what adherents of the older religions don’t seem to get is that there an awful lot of us who find their beliefs just as crazy.  A misunderstanding/lie/fairy story doesn’t become a fact because it’s been passed on through the generations for a few thousand years.  But the Big Three have acquired a protection from criticism in some quarters.

Well, not in this quarter.  If you’re a Nazi, a racist, a creationist or a Christian, then your views will find no respect here.  I may respect your humanity (though that’s pushing it a bit in the case of a Nazi or racist) or the way you live your life, but never your beliefs. 

And if you find that offensive, all I can do is ask that you show some respect for MY views.  And stop reading my blog.



With This Selection of Magazines, I Thee Wed.

20 February 2009

Reading Mary-Helen’s blog about weddings this week, reminded me of a visit I made to a newsagent a few days ago. 

It was a fairly small,  suburban,  privately-owned shop and I noticed that they stocked TEN bridal magazines (and no knitting ones).  I commented on this to the owner.  He also found it amazing that there was such a market for so many but said that most women buy more than one  –  usually 4 or 5 of them.  I wonder if the cost of all these expensive magazines is included in the average cost of $50k per wedding that M-H refers to.  And what do these brides do with them afterwards? 

Bridal magazines must be the easiest magazines to produce as you can regurgitate all the articles (“Countdown to your Wedding Day” etc) and just update the clothing photos (and costs).

I’ve been married twice, without the help of a magazine (or 10).  I’m either clever or perhaps just arrogant to think I could organise a wedding without the help of a glossy mag. 



World Wide Knit In Public

15 February 2009

Yes, I know.  It’s a bit early to be talking about this as it doesn’t take place until 13th June.

HOWEVER, Sydney already has its logo which will be printed on calico bags for sale on the day.  And as it’s easily adaptable for any WWKIP event taking place in Australia, I thought I’d offer it to anyone who’s organising an event.    Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you.  We can change the name to the name of your town or event and can supply the logo in any format (pdf, jpeg etc).


David designed it . . . and I think he did a great job.

I’ll let you know all the details of the event nearer the date, but put it in your diary.  We’ll have bags, door prizes and a few things I’ve still got up my sleeves.  I can’t wait. 

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A Girl! First Time!

9 February 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about knitting hats for a friend having a baby of unknown sex.  Congratulations, Val and James on the birth of your baby GIRL today.

Before I heard about the new baby, by sheer coincidence on the bus this morning I overheard a conversation which I immediately wrote down so here it is, verbatim.

Man in his early 30’s, talking to a woman of similar age:

“So this is his first grandchild.  And a boy, first time.  He did well.  He must be really proud”. 

I remember thinking that I hoped he hasn’t got a daughter, or has one in the future.  What hope has she got? 

Unlike Val’s lucky little girl for whom the sky will be the limit.