Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is!

3 February 2009

A few months ago on Ravelry, there was a bit of an uproar about the Knitting Guild of NSW (of which I’m a member).  It’s too long and boring to go into in great detail but the gist of it was that Guild members felt that their wishes weren’t given proper consideration (letters and emails unanswered), that the Guild was totally out of ‘synch’ with 21st century life (membership can be paid only by cheque – no credit cards/internet transfers etc) and non-members just didn’t see it as relevant. 

They have a website and a professional experienced Webmaster but she can only do with it what they’ll allow.  They’re obsessed about secrecy so their policy would appear to be to give away as little as possible.  They have a very extensive (and free) library.  But they won’t have the catalogue on the website because non-members may see it.  (Yep, they may see it and decide that it would be a good idea to join the Guild perhaps).

I know a lot of knitters in Sydney.  Only about 10% of them are Guild members.  I think that should be of concern to the Guild.  So I wrote to them.  The reply I received (yes, I did get a reply) was polite but accused me of breaching someone’s privacy (I put the name of the Secretary on Ravelry so that others would write to her) and was basically told to put my money where my mouth is and nominate for the Executive. 

So I did.  As did two others who were singing from the same song sheet as me.  The AGM isn’t until the beginning of March but there aren’t enough nominations for an election so the three of us are in and there are other new members so maybe we can perhaps bring some common sense to the organisation. 

Or maybe not.  But nobody can accuse me of not trying. 

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  1. HEAR, HEAR!


  3. Yippedeedoodah!


    I’ll join as soon as I can either pay online, or be bothered getting a bloody cheque.

  5. Yay!

  6. Well done!

  7. Oh Sally, I am so pleased. To the future! ::clink::

  8. Good on you! I’m looking forward to you all joining the Exec đŸ™‚

  9. Oh wow. That is so great. Congratulations to all of you!!

  10. Congratulations on Nominating for the Executive. Those of us who do not live in Sydney, (or even within a one hour’s drive) appreciate what you doing. Internet communication and use will help enormously – and bring on payment by direct deposit.

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