A Girl! First Time!

9 February 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about knitting hats for a friend having a baby of unknown sex.  Congratulations, Val and James on the birth of your baby GIRL today.

Before I heard about the new baby, by sheer coincidence on the bus this morning I overheard a conversation which I immediately wrote down so here it is, verbatim.

Man in his early 30’s, talking to a woman of similar age:

“So this is his first grandchild.  And a boy, first time.  He did well.  He must be really proud”. 

I remember thinking that I hoped he hasn’t got a daughter, or has one in the future.  What hope has she got? 

Unlike Val’s lucky little girl for whom the sky will be the limit. 



  1. Yay! A girl!

    Do we have a name yet?

    Congratulations Val and James – I hope she sleeps πŸ™‚

  2. Like Grand-Dad had such a great influence on the outcome! Yeah right!!

  3. What REALLY annoys me is when women seem to agree with this sort of bizarre rationale of manliness. Do you remember the Shah of Iran? He must have been told that it’s the father’s chromosomes which determine gender, yet divorced two wives for “failing to provide him with a son”.

  4. With older people it’s often about The Family Name, I think. Carrying it on, not having it die out, that kind of thing. Which is weird because the name is rarely unique.

  5. i think you’re over-thinking it – blokes just like sons because they’ll fetch beer from the fridge for them and play back-yard cricket. Not many daughters are much good at hitting a cricket ball πŸ™‚

  6. A little unreconstructed, perhaps, Mike…?

  7. One of my cousins played for Australia in a women’s cricket team – I think she was pretty handy with a bat, but her good manners would prevent her from taking said bat to the nether regions of anyone who said otherwise.

  8. I was and still am often told how pleased my in-laws must be with me for having produced a boy as the first grandchild of the family. Not that my egg had anything to do with gender selection. And besides, I should hope that I had not been so foolish as to marry into a family where girls were not as valued as boys!

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