With This Selection of Magazines, I Thee Wed.

20 February 2009

Reading Mary-Helen’s blog about weddings this week, reminded me of a visit I made to a newsagent a few days ago. 

It was a fairly small,  suburban,  privately-owned shop and I noticed that they stocked TEN bridal magazines (and no knitting ones).  I commented on this to the owner.  He also found it amazing that there was such a market for so many but said that most women buy more than one  –  usually 4 or 5 of them.  I wonder if the cost of all these expensive magazines is included in the average cost of $50k per wedding that M-H refers to.  And what do these brides do with them afterwards? 

Bridal magazines must be the easiest magazines to produce as you can regurgitate all the articles (“Countdown to your Wedding Day” etc) and just update the clothing photos (and costs).

I’ve been married twice, without the help of a magazine (or 10).  I’m either clever or perhaps just arrogant to think I could organise a wedding without the help of a glossy mag. 



  1. Clever. I’m voting for clever.

    But I remember Daughter picking up several mags, just to see where bridal shops were located and what brands they carried. She internet searched for what appealed to her, and then we could go only to stores that carried that line (and could order what she wanted). It saved us much time. While she may have looked over other articles, I don’t think she utilized them much.

  2. DD was given a pile by our next-door neighbour who married a few years ago! Her husband thought she had thrown them out long ago.

    DD and SIL attended a wedding expo [or three] where they were given [not bought] a manual containing all sorts of wedding suppliers. It was hard-bound and more than an inch thick and is produced yearly. After visits to a few vendor/suppliers, she had three! No need for the magazines at all really!!

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